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Penguin-Pedia is the creation of Dallas, Texas based entrepreneur David Salomon. David has always loved animals and has long been a photographer, specializing in outdoor photography. While on vacation in the Falkland Islands, David came across a few penguin colonies and instantly fell in love with these beautiful birds. Overcome by penguin-mania, David made it his mission to travel the Southern Hemisphere and photograph all SEVENTEEN species of penguin himself. For the next two years, David crisscrossed the Southern Ocean, visiting as many penguin colonies as he could.

David’s visits drove him to crave more and more information about penguins. Where did they come from? How far can they swim? How many chicks do they have? David had so many questions! This is when the idea for writing Penguin-Pedia the book first came to life. David decided to collect as much up-to-date information about the birds as he could and compile it alongside his beautiful photos.

Penguin-Pedia: Photographs and Facts from One Man’s Search for the Penguins of the World published November 1, 2011, and received outstanding reviews.

“Penguin-Pedia: Photographs and Facts from One Man’s Search for the Penguins of the World” was published November 1, 2011. This website contains just a small portion of the amazing photos and interesting information this book has to offer. If you love penguins, you owe it to yourself to order Penguin-Pedia. If you have any questions about penguins, David’s travels, or just want to tell us what you think about our website, please feel free to contact us below! We will do everything we can to answer any questions you may have.


Random House published David’s newest book “Penguins!” on October 10, 2017 as part of their Step into Reading series for children. “Penguins!” follows a penguin couple through their efforts to raise a chick and uses David’s original photographs of Chinstrap penguins in the wild. It is a Step 2 Reader, which uses basic vocabulary and short sentences to tell simple stories, intended for children who recognize familiar words and can sound out new words with help.

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